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"Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who don't rest on the laurels of the past."

Education is the most important requirement for nation building. Quality of education reflects the quality of society and nation. Therefore attainment, strengthening and continued maintenance of quality education is a task we are committed to. What is required is an immense burst of idealism and exuberance among our students, who must be thoroughly devoted to the task of earning high quality education and to become winners in their life.

(Dr. J L Oraon)

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J.N. College Ranchi currently running as a constituent unit of Ranchi University. It was the dream of the local inhabitants and the employees of the H.E.C. Ltd to have a good Degree College on the Campus. The College was started in a big spacious three storied building having 80 rooms, halls and other civic amenities. Well equipped with educational facilities this college is imparting quality education up to degree Honours standard in the faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce. All Classes are held in the day schedule.


J. N College aspires to fulfill the vision of the brighter future for its students specially local youth who get to realise their dreams through quality education. The college caters to the need of imparting higher education to a large number of students coming from the remote villages in the surrounding areas. It is our vision to bring out their inborn talents and create a centre for not just excellence but also create opportunities for employments, self employment, self confidence and self determination for the socially, economically and gender marginalized students


Situated amidst the eye-catching lovely plateau of Chhotanagpur in the campus of Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd., the college was established on 11th April, 1972. It was the dream of the local inhabitants and the employees of the H.E.C. Ltd. to have a good Degree College on the Campus. It was the special care and effort taken by Brig. B.N. Upadhyaya, Town Administrator, H.E.C. in forming governing body of the college which was first started as an evening college and later converted into a day college.


Our main objectives are to to empower girl students through quality education, strengthen the teacher-student relationship to achieve higher goals, provide students with skills which will promote financial independence in the future. The college is endeavoring to improve intellectually the backward classes, Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe and other classes in the field of education.